Check on Me provides peace of mind by enabling you to track your family member’s whereabouts.

Example uses are:lo4me_track_map

  • Tracking your child when it is out with friends and not returning home at the agreed time.
  • Receiving an automated notice at work when your child returns home.
  • Enabling your family members in case of distress to send a SMS via a single click that contains a pre-defined alert message and the member’s current location information.
  • Tracking your parent in case he got lost.
  • Checking with your parent using voice by invoking a call-back from your parent’s phone if he has fallen and cannot get up to reach the phone.
  • Receiving an automated alert when the battery on your parent’s phone is running low.

With a few configuration steps you can set up the phones of your family, enabling you to keep in touch and be informed about their current locations. The tracked members of your family are always made aware when and by whom they are tracked, providing transparency and preventing any use that could interfere with their personal preferences.

To allow privacy, your family members can also temporary disable the tracking feature, making it impossible to determine their location and or create alerts.

How to use it?
You need to install ‘Check on Me’ on any device of your family that you want to track or any device that you want to track with.
Once you have accepted the Terms & Conditions you are presented with a registration page that allows you to register your device with the ‘Check on Me’ service.
By installing ‘Check on Me’ on multiple devices you create a circle, your family circle. After registration you can select whether a device is a tracked device, a tracking device or both.

Privacy Aspects
Check on Me’ respects your privacy. The determined user locations are only visible to the members of your circle that you explicitly allowed to access it.
Check on Me‘ also provides transparency to the ones that are tracked by advising these when and by whom they have been tracked. Nevertheless you are obliged to advise you family members how ‘Check on Me’ works and how they can temporary or permanently disable it. For details see here.

The ‘Check on Me’ server is located in Germany and as such adheres the most strict privacy regulations in the world. For example, the locations that the App determines and that are transmitted to its server for your retrieval, are stored for a maximum duration of 30 days. After this time this information is automatically deleted. For more information on this please see our Privacy Policy.